شنبه 13 شهریور‌ماه سال 1389

I was thinking what a beautiful life it would be, if we were more important to ourselves than the others! I was thinking about lots of things in my life that I have done or I am doing ,and I tragically  recognized that the main inspiration which is behind most of them and make me to do these, is to see others gaze at me in admiration or to play others beloved role subconsciously !!! At the very beginning you might deny it but when you look closer and deeper you’ll face with this dreadful fact as well.      

This motivation is sometimes sooooooooo powerful that even make us to put our blood into something, without thinking if we like it or not, and in some cases we become very successful surprisingly! It is not bad to become successful but it is not what we really wanted and it hasn’t came from our deep inside. If it would, not only we became successful, but also we became absolutely wonderful, unique and indelible. Because we ARE unique intrinsically and we HAVE BEEN CREATED absolutely wonderful and indelible.

I just can’t believe that this huge amount of people are interested in education in our country and I can’t digest either this enormous population like to become an engineer or a doctor! You might say that in our country we need to study to be able to afford our life but I’ll say that it’s only a lame excuse. Because we see lots of jobless educated people around us ,don’t we? And there are many ways to afford our life which are very quicker and easier than education aren’t there? I recon at least 90% decide to study or become an engineer or a doctor to feel pride and they bother themselves to attract others attention. Does it really worth it???!!! This is a vital question that everybody should ask themselves at least once in their life. I’m not just talking about education. Education is one of the clearest example .It actually runs on all of our decisions we make or all the occupations we have and so on. We can consider it as a trade that we give our golden opportunity and our leisure and receive others admiration! FAIR ENOUGH??!!!!!